Firearms Purchaser Identification Card & Firearms Purchasing Permits

The State of New Jersey has instituted a new online firearms application and registration system (FARS). When applying for firearms purchase permit and/or firearms ID card, the entire application is online.

Steps for applications:

1. Read this entire webpage first.

2. Obtain the following items:

  • Valid New Jersey driver’s license number 
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) number. (If applicant does not have this, one will be assigned a number as part of this application process)
  • Valid e-mail address for applicant and references
  • Clark Police Department ORI Number: NJ0200200

3. Go HERE to start the application

4. Applicant should monitor their e-mail for status changes and alerts that may have additional information

5. If applicant has lived outside of New Jersey within the last 10 years, they will need to complete the Consent for Mental Health Records Search Form. Ensure that the Mental Health Record Search Form is from the previous state of residence. Please hand deliver this form to the Clark Police Department. Failure to submit this document within 30 days will cause the application to be withdrawn.

6. If denied,  the applicant will receive a letter of denial at the address listed on the application. This letter will explain the steps to be taken for an appeal. Appeals for denial are heard in the Union County Superior Court.  Their phone number is 908-787-1650.

7. If approved, all documents will be forwarded to you via e-mail.

E-Permits are valid for 90 days and may be extended for an additional 90 days unless there is good cause to not extend the original period.

E-Permits may be deactivated/reactivated at any time (ERPO/TRO/Court Order/NICS Denial etc.)

Applicants: Please make sure of the accuracy and completeness of any information put on the application. Only “Official Names” can be used. 

References are contacted by e-mail, please ensure all e-mails are accurate as this can delay the application. Applicants will have an opportunity to review all the entered information before clicking “submit.” 

After clicking “submit” the applicant will receive a unique confirmation number. Please record this number or print the confirmation page. 

If applying for both a Firearms ID Card and Pistol Purchase Permit(s), please do so under one application. If the applicant submits several subsequent applications, each receives a different confirmation number, and they cannot be combined.

Fee(s): To process the application, the Clark PD must receive the permit and/or ID card fees prior to proceeding with the application as per New Jersey Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 13:54. The fees are $25.00 for pistol purchase permit and $50.00 for a Firearms ID card. Permit fees are made online.   If payment of local fees is not made within 30 days, the application session will be considered abandoned and withdrawn from the system. 

The $21.00 fee paid to the State of New Jersey, does not include the local fees, these are two separate transactions. 

The local fees are collected by the Detective Bureau located in the Clark Police Department. These fees are non-refundable. 

Fingerprints: If the applicant has been fingerprinted in the past for firearms and has a New Jersey State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) number, they will no longer need to be fingerprinted every two (2) years. They just need to enter your SBI number in the appropriate field online. The SBI number appears on current Firearms I.D. card.

If this is a first-time application and/or the applicant has no SBI number, they will need to make an appointment with “IdentoGO” to be fingerprinted. The new online system, (FARS), will auto-fill a form for the applicant to take to get fingerprinted. The information on where to go is on the form. A printer will be needed

When approved, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification to the e-mail address listed on the application. This does not mean that the hard copy permit(s) and/or ID card is ready for pick up. These documents still require an authorized signature to be valid. Someone from the Detective Bureau will contact the applicant when these documents have been prepared and signed off on. Please bring proper identification with picking these items up.

Detective Department Hours: 732-388-3434

Monday - Friday        8:30 am – 4:30 pm

If, after 90 days, there is no activity with the application, and/or after 30 days local fees have not been paid, the application will be withdrawn from the system. You can pay fees in-person. 

Once an application is withdrawn, the applicant will need to begin an entirely new FARS application should they wish to reapply in the future. 

The New Jersey Attorney General has specific protocols for those individuals requesting a permit to carry a firearm.  Please see the full statement from NJ here.