Animal Control

Animal Licensing

Dogs and cats owned, harbored or maintained within the Township must be licensed by January 31 of each year.  Please select:  Cat License Application and Dog License Application.

Animal Control

The Township utilizes the services of Newark Associated Humane Society for animal control.

Residents are strongly advised to hire a licensed wildlife removal company to trap and remove raccoons, squirrels or other wildlife that may be nesting or causing damage to a home for the following reasons:

  • Without proper training and expertise, traps can catch something unintended like a skunk or opossum.  
  • Inappropriate and inhumane handling of trapped animals will lead to criminal charges being filed under the animal cruelty statutes.
  • Inexperience with trapping can lead to scratches, bites, back injuries, etc.
  • Trapping of wildlife inside of a residence must be coordinated with necessary repairs to points of entry.

Residents may call the Clark Health Department at 732-428-8405 or the Clark Police Department non-emergency number at 732-388-3434 for help with animal control issues.

Community Cat Program

The Clark Council adopted an ordinance in 2022 to create a program  to control the stray and feral cat population in the Township.  Included in this legislation is a Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Program.

TNR is humane and highly effective in reducing the number of stray and feral cats in an area over time.  It benefits public health and lowers the intake of unsocialized cats into shelters, while ensuring humane treatment of community cats. 

Cats are trapped by professionals, neutered, vaccinated, given health checks and returned to the area where they were found.  Having them neutered means a reduction in the number of animals over time as feral cats that live outdoors have a shorter lifespan than an indoor pet.  Having them vaccinated means they are healthier and not spreading disease.  

If you have a feral or stray cat problem in your area and want help, please complete this online form to Report the Concern to the Health Department.

Animal Complaints

Complaints regarding the following and most legal matters are handled by the Clark Health Officer.

  • Animal Bites
  • Barking
  • Not Cleaning Up After Defecating
  • Quarantine
  • Running at Large

Please complete this online form to Report the Concern to the Health Department, anonymous complaints cannot be addressed,