Tax Assessor

About the Tax Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office, under the general direction of the Union County Board of Taxation and the State Director of Taxation, undertakes the assessing activities of the Township as prescribed by law.

  • Adds new ratables to the tax rolls.
  • Determines the taxability of each parcel, not the taxes. The tax rate is formulated by the County Tax Board from the State approved budgets of the County, the school districts, and the Municipality.
  • Processes building permits to determine the value for added assessments. If improvements were made to your property during the year you may receive an additional bill for this added value in October, due November 1st.
  • Responsible for establishing an assessed valuation for property in the Township as of October 1st of the prior year.

Reviews the following applications for exemptions and deductions:

  • Disabled Persons
  • Senior Citizen
  • Veterans

These applications are available from either the Assessor's or Collector's Office.

Maintains the following information

  • Property Records Cards by Owner
  • Township Tax Map

Defends appealed assessments. You are notified of your current year's assessment by postcard on or before February 1. If you disagree with this value you must file an appeal by April 1. Instructions are on the reverse side of this card.

Illustrated below is the total assessment by class.

Property 2014 Assessed
Number of Parcels
Classification Value 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Vacant Land
13,999,600 92 88 94 93 97
Residential 587,465,700 4,848 4,848 4,843 4,840 4,840
Commercial 89,165,200 202 203 201 200 199
Industrial 22,526,500 18 19 22 22 22
Apartment 16,357,700 6 6 6 6 6

More Information

The State has Property Tax Relief Programs you may qualify for. They are listed below with phone numbers. You can also access this information at Department of the Treasury for New Jersey website.

  • Property Tax Reimbursement (Freeze)
    Phone: 800-882-6597
  • Homestead Rebate
    Phone: 888-238-1233

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