Public Works


The Public Works Department performs a wide variety of services for the Township including; snow removal, leaf pick-up, branch pick-up, etc. DPW Pick-ups provides more information such as; scheduled dates, allowable items and any rules that apply. Some services are by appointment only, so please check first.

For additional pick-ups and services please visit the Union County Recycling Webpage.


Please be advised that if you do not comply with the rules as to when to put out branches, leaves, etc., you will be subject to a summons and a fine. Citizen cooperation with the guidelines is both expected and appreciated. It is the Township’s objective to provide services to our citizenry and still ensure that our streets are as clean and free of debris as possible.


Light Outage Reporting

Pot Hole Complaints

Shade Tree Removal Permit

  1. Scott McCabe

    DPW Supervisor
    Phone: 732-428-8402

  2. Patrick Hofschneider

    DPW Assistant Supervisor
    Phone: 732-428-8402

  3. Katie Bencivenga

    DPW Secretary
    Phone: 732-428-8402