Recycling Schedule

Recycling Dates for 2024

Clark Township provides recycling bins to each household. Glass, aluminum, tin, plastic containers, juice, paper, cardboard, and milk cartons can be commingled in one receptacle. Containers must be well-rinsed. All caps and lids must be removed.  Pizza boxes and plastic bags are never permitted.

In the event, of bad weather or equipment failure, recycling changes will be posted on the Clark Township Facebook page, Instagram and be sent out in News Flashes. Please sign up if not already receiving alerts. 

Recycling Image

Residential recycling collections alternate by zone each week as follows:

Zone 1
Zone 2
January6 (holiday date change), 17, 31
10, 24
February14, 28          
7, 21
March13, 27
6, 20
April10, 243, 17
May8, 221, 15
June5, 191 (holiday date change), 12, 26
July3, 17, 3110, 24
August14, 287, 21
September11, 252 (holiday date change), 18
October9, 232, 16, 30
November6, 2013, 27
December4, 1811, 28 (holiday date change)

Need to Know Your Zone?

View a list of streets in each Zone (PDF).