Professional Standards & Internal Affairs

The Clark Police Department’s Internal Affairs & Professional Standards Unit investigates all reports and/or allegations of misconduct by employees and law enforcement officers at every rank of the department.

The goal is to safeguard the integrity of the department.  This is done through an in-depth, objective and balanced investigation. They work in conjunction with the Union County Prosecutor's Office on investigations when necessary based on the nature of the situation.   

All persons are encouraged to submit their complaints in person as soon as possible after the incident. Reports or complaints of misconduct shall be accepted from any person, including those currently under arrest or in custody, regardless of the age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or immigration status of the complaining party.                         

It is the policy of the Clark Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints of misconduct or wrongdoing from all persons who wish to file a complaint, regardless of the hour or day of the week. This includes reports from anonymous sources too.   

Reports or complaints of officer/employee misconduct will be accepted in person, by telephone, in writing, through a third party and even if the complainant declines to provide personal identification or contact information, including a signature, to the officer or employee who receives the report.  

In addition to complaints, Internal Affairs & Professional Standards Unit personnel receive notice of the following: 

  • Firearm discharge both on-duty and off-duty by department personnel outside customary discharge during a law enforcement training exercise, routine target practice at a firing range, a lawful animal hunt, or the humane killing of an injured animal
  • Discharge of an agency-owned firearm by anyone other than agency personnel
  • Injury to any person due to use of force by agency personnel
  • Any vehicular pursuit involving agency personnel
  • Serious collisions involving an agency-owned vehicle

 After thorough and impartial consideration of all the existing information, a decision is made as to whether the officer/employee is to be held accountable for misconduct or is absolved of any wrongdoing. If applicable, discipline will be prescribed in accordance with the degree of misconduct.

Officers/employees are subject to disciplinary action for the willful or negligent failure to perform their duties including violating departmental regulations or failing to obey any lawful instruction, order, or command of a superior officer or supervisor.

For more information about any of these matters, please email Internal Affairs  Captain Christian Lott at HQ or call (732) 388-3434.