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Communications and Business Development

  1. Join the Clark Business Community!

    Please complete this form to have your business included in a list sent to new residents. Information collected will also be used to... More…

Health Department

  1. Grease Trap Report (Rev. 11/2021)

    READ THIS FIRST... This form provides retail food establishments a chance to submit grease trap reporting online and upload materials... More…

Police Department

  1. Application for Newspaper Vending Machines and News Racks

    Use this application to request permit from Clark PD to place a newspaper vending machine or news rack on public or private property... More…

  2. Special Needs Registry

    The Clark Police Department, along with other emergency responders are making it easier to help our citizens who may be lost, having... More…

  1. Compliment a Clark Police Officer or Employee

    Use this form to share a compliment about an officer with their supervisors.