The Clark Volunteer Emergency Squad owes their success and continued operation to the generosity of the townspeople. Through tax-deductible donations, the community plays an integral role in sustaining their mission. 

In recent times, the cost of utilities, protective equipment, clothing, medical supplies, upkeep of vehicles and an aged building has surged. While our commitment to serving the community remains unwavering, the financial strain caused by these increased expenses is undeniable.

Community contributions, no matter the size, directly contribute to the continuation of the CVES tradition of offering the highest quality professional emergency medical care to the citizens of Clark.

It's worth noting that because the  CVES is rooted heavily in community support and collaboration, they will not request payment of town residents without insurance coverage. They do accept whatever payment a Clark resident’s insurance will pay and ask for no additional compensation. 

Community donations are an investment in a legacy that puts people before profits.  Thank you for being a vital part of our community.

Donations are always welcome and profoundly appreciated.

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