Healthy Choice Partners

You’re invited to join the Clark Mayors Wellness Campaign!

Make your restaurant a “Healthy Choice Partner” and join the campaign’s initiative to encourage a healthy lifestyle and wellness in our community.
 Joining is as easy as saying YES!  
 All you will need to do is exhibit the Healthy Choice Partner flyer in your restaurant and on the door where it’s visible.  
 There are several benefits to participating in this community led initiative to enhance our citizen’s well-being:

  • Your restaurant will be listed/promoted on the Clark Mayors Wellness Campaign web page and linked to your restaurant’s web page. 
  • You will be able to distribute promotional materials/menus and/or participate at the Clark Mayors Wellness Campaign booth at events such as the Mayors Run/Walk (May 7), Health Fair (Sept 10) and other planned events. 
  • You will be highlighting to your customers that you are helping to take steps towards making a difference in our community’s well-being.  Think about how good you will feel about that! 

To sign up as a “Healthy Choice Partner” call Nicole Castellucci (732) 388-3600 x3003.

Healthy Plate of Food